Poems and Prose


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“Merry” Global Insides: The Vaccine, 2021 (forthcoming)

“Where Hairlines Go to Die” Echolation Magazine Volume 19 (forthcoming)

“Perfect Love” Black Moon Magazine (forthcoming)

“Sleeping Positions” Black Moon Magazine (forthcoming)

“We Could Use More Yellow” Verses, 2021 (forthcoming)

“Vacation (Post-Pandemic)” Humankind Zine, 2021 (forthcoming)

“Downsizing (Or Deleting My Father)” All My Relations, 2021 (forthcoming)

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“My America” Good Cop/Bad Cop Anthology, 2021

“Genocide Alphabetized” Good Cop/Bad Cop Anthology, 2021

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“Self-Promotion” Last Leaves Magazine Issue 2, 2021

“There Are Things Prettier Than Flowers” Last Leaves Magazine Issue 2, 2021

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“Don’t Feed the Ducks” Fleas on the Dog, September 2020

“David” Fleas on the Dog, September 2020

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Brandy Melville Like” Hear Her Speak, July 2020

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There is no playground along the U.S.-Mexico border What Rough Beast, December 2019

Rump RoastChiron Review, Summer/Fall 2018

Lo SientoFearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal, Volume 1, 2018

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“After the End” Warp and Weave, Spring 2018

“America the Beautiful” Touchstones, Spring 2018

“A Statistical Study of Randomness” Touchstones, Spring 2018, First Place Poetry Winner

“Willie” Touchstones, Spring 2018

“Hurricane Pangs” Touchstones, Fall 2017

“River Sticks”Warp and Weave, Spring 2017

“Isn’t it nice” Maudlin House, 2017

“1 Timothy 6:10” Folio, Fall 2016

“Therapy” Folio Fall, 2016


“Night of the Beasts” Lovecraftiana, Summer 2018

“10:30” Folio, Fall 2016

“Mombie” Folio, Fall 2016

“Stellar Rose” Folio, Fall 2016


“Holiday in Cambodia” SHARE, 2020

“The Girl in the Mirror” Eunoia Review, 2017

“Island” Eunoia Review, 2017