Our Bones Ache Together

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2020 changed us. From a global pandemic that uprooted our lives and took the lives of countless loved ones, to cries for justice that rang out across the world, 2020 is a year that we cannot forget. Written almost entirely in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Our Bones Ache Together is a journey of heartache, home, healing, and hope. Documenting the disappearance of the middle class, growing wealth disparity, and life during seemingly endless unprecedented times, these poems remind us of the pain we carry, but also of the hands we hold to keep moving. Life goes on, even when we don’t believe it can. From the coldest winter, spring blooms.

Praise for Our Bones Ache Together:

“In six entrancing parts, Kendra Nuttall guides us gently through an intimate series of poems that sing with longing and dance with desire. Our Bones Ache Together pulls us through a myriad of seemingly quotidian experiences, with lines that engage, inspire, and excite. Kendra turns each moment in these verses into an insightful tug-of-war—the elegance of her verse juxtaposed brilliantly against the simplicity of the insights she delivers through each little ‘story’ she tells. It’s like peering into a portrait of an inner life; thoughts, feelings, relationships, connections, emotions, all laid bare so readers can find their own anecdotes within verses that feel just familiar enough to be comforting, and just unfamiliar enough to fascinate and inspire.” 

-Rhea Dhanbhoora, author of Sandalwood-Scented Skeletons

“Poetry of life knit together beautifully by a poet who meditates on all moments of existence whether seemingly mundane or eventful or the in between, then makes each and every one of them special with her unique craft of lyrical and profound writing.”

-Vaishali Paliwal, author of Water Bearer’s Song

“In Our Bones Ache Together, Kendra Nuttall explores home, heartache, healing, and hope. She grapples with the emotional toll of losing your childhood home and learning to make a new home on your own. An all-too-familiar millennial anxiety runs through the poems: fending for yourself, feeling trapped, and questioning everything. But whatever the world throws at her, Kendra ultimately finds hope and comfort in her relationship with her husband, writing: “It was raining and we were happy. / It’s raining and we are still happy.” Kendra has an eye for vivid details that make her poems pop. She captures the grief of losing her father, of the recent elections, of moving on in short, economical poems—after all, in this economy, with the cost of living and housing prices and student loans, who can afford to waste words? Kendra Nuttall will break your heart with just a few words in Our Bones Ache Together.”

-Carolina VonKampen, editor in chief of Capsule Stories