All About Submittable

I’ve been asked several times how I manage to get my poems published. Obviously, there’s no one set path to publication, but here’s my favorite tool: Submittable What is Submittable? is my number one publishing resource. It’s a beautiful, magical place every writer interested in publication needs to be using. Okay, but really, SubmittableContinue reading “All About Submittable”

3 Cool Resources For Writers

As much as I’d love for my blog to be your go-to writing resource, it benefits us all to have several resources. You should learn from as many writers and resources as you can. These are some of my top resources that have helped me out over the years: Trish Hopkinson Trish Hopkinson is aContinue reading “3 Cool Resources For Writers”

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi there! Many of you are probably discovering me from my poetry Instagram account, or maybe you’ve seen my work floating in literary journals or blogs across the internet. Wherever you’re from, I’m glad you’re here! I’m Kendra Nuttall and I’ve been writing since I was 11 years old. In sixth grade, my class hadContinue reading “Let Me Introduce Myself”