New Poem Up at Trouvaille Review! “Birdwatching at Mystic Hot Springs”

This poem was written earlier this summer when I visited Mystic Hot Springs in Utah. I saw a nest of birds high up on the roof a house. Now, this was no ordinary house; it was severely water damaged, located just feet away from the hot springs. An entire chunk of the foundation was missing,Continue reading “New Poem Up at Trouvaille Review! “Birdwatching at Mystic Hot Springs””

Book Pre-Orders Live Now

Go, go, go! Reserve your copy of A Statistical Study of Randomness now, shipping in March, 2021. Why pre-order? You’ll help my publisher gauge interest and determine the initial print run for the book. The more pre-orders, the bigger chance my book has of making it to bookshelves around the world. Thanks for your support!Continue reading “Book Pre-Orders Live Now”