3 Cool Resources For Writers

As much as I’d love for my blog to be your go-to writing resource, it benefits us all to have several resources. You should learn from as many writers and resources as you can. These are some of my top resources that have helped me out over the years:

Trish Hopkinson

Trish Hopkinson is a poet, blogger, and advocate for the literary arts. You can find her online at TrishHopkinson.com and provisionally in Utah, where she runs the regional poetry group Rock Canyon Poets.

There are many reasons I love Trish, and it’s not just because she also lives in Utah. Trish is a great resource for finding interesting and exciting literary journals to submit to, interviews with talented writers and editors, writing prompts, and so much more!

Her website has been my go-to resource ever since I got into submitting my writing to journals. I highly recommend giving her website a visit no matter where you are in your writing journey.

Capitalize My Title

I work as a copywriter for a fashion company. I find myself constantly using Capitalize My Title to make sure my email headlines fit AP Style.

I think this is a great resource for any writer, not just copywriters, as it will help you find the correct capitalization for whatever style guide you’re using — MLA, AP, Chicago — Capitalize My Title helps you with it all.

Grammar Girl

The English language can be a mystery no matter how fluent you are. Grammar Girl helps you make sense of this sometimes nonsensical language with grammar tips, word definitions, and answers to questions you’ve never thought of, such as, why xoxo means hugs and kisses.

I could spend hours browsing this treasure trove of writing knowledge.

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