Top 6 Poems I Read in April

I’m sharing my six favorite poems I read this month. To be clear, these poems were not necessarily published this month — I just discovered them this month. Happy reading!

Self-Portrait of the Poem as an Electromagnetic Wave,” by Nick Snow, Lychee Rind Zine, Spring 2020.

Killing Time,” by Emily Woods, Instagram, April 2020.

“March 15, 2020,” by James Croal Jackson, Capsule Stories Isolation Edition, April 2020.

Self-Portrait, Despite What They Say,” by Gabrielle Otero, Rattle #66, Winter 2019.

Certainty,” by Matt Mason, Sugar House Review Issue 19, 2019.

In Between Endings,” by Shannon Lippert, Indolent Books Online What Rough Beast, COVID-19 Edition, April 2020.

What were your favorite poems you read this month? Let me know in the comments!

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